Ancestral Quest is simple genealogy software for anyone interested in discovering his or her family history. You’ll get off to a quick start with the clear layout and friendly, conversational labels. This genealogy software allows you the option to opt to integrate with Additionally, research prompts will appear on your chart while you work. The sharing options in Ancestral Quest are adequate.

When you begin your work with Ancestral Quest genealogy software, you have several options. You can start a new family tree, use an existing file from your computer or access an online file with the collaborate option. For extra support, the collaboration wizard takes you through this process.

Data entry is a simple and thorough process with this genealogy software. You will find some less common events to add like tribe, move and hobby. As you add events, preview the narrative to see your family story as it builds. You can also opt to make any event confidential in case you're unsure of its validity or simply want to keep it private. Sources are easy to add, just look for the “S” button next to each entry.

If you enabled the interface with, the number of trees featuring a particular name on your tree will appear in the Pedigree View. From this point, your research is underway. You can also link to Family Search, World Vital Records and your own favorite sites.

Ancestral Quest features a research timeline, which is a tool that can assist you in your family history work. This feature shows you events during an individual's lifetime, which can also be used for further research about the individual. Additionally, in the Pedigree view of Ancestral Quest you can color code families or individuals and even place tags on individuals.

Some bonus features that are included in Ancestral Quest are the ability to enable Page of Testimony to share information you may have on a victim of the Holocaust, and you can activate Ancestral Quest to search while you are working on other tasks to boost your outside research results.

Ancestral Quest genealogy software offers the three standard views: Pedigree, Family and Individual. The layout is intuitive and simple, and the input screens are thorough and easy to navigate. However, when you click on a name in the Pedigree View, a box pops up with empty fields for spouse and children. Unfortunately, you can’t type them here. Instead you must add information to proceed from there. There are drop down menus for new entries consisting of the names you entered for the linked individual, making editing or adding information easy and quick. Ancestral Quest genealogy software's extra features are well intentioned, but tend to slow navigation.

Unlike other programs, Ancestral Quest genealogy software hides its Reports and Charts function under File. This function is where you can select from a range of standard charts. You can also customize fonts, box colors and lines. Additionally, you can use the Publish icon to create a family book to print or save as a PDF file. By selecting Internet, you can easily use the Web Page Wizard.

Ancestral Quest genealogy software offers integrated help to find the topic you have questions about. You can choose to have help on your current view or you can search the entire help section. Ancestral Quest offers Tech Support by phone or email. A video tutorial is also available online, and Ancestral Quest has online discussion groups you can access from its Contact Us page. If you are new to genealogy software, you will likely need help in a number of formats.

Ancestral Quest Summary:

Ancestral Quest is genealogy software that will not disappoint new genealogists. You’ll gain confidence as you enter the facts you know about individuals in your family and will get that thrill of discovery when numbers indicating new facts may be available online. Ancestral Quest is not as pretty as other genealogy software, packages and superfluous features can be distracting, but the automatic research feature will motivate you to find more information. A little push could result in a big payoff.


Ancestral Quest 14

Ancestral Quest syncs with for quick research and document integration.

Adding people and information isn't streamlined. Instead of simply typing your information, you're required to use "add" buttons for new information.

The Verdict:

This program will be a good fit for many budding genealogists, but some extra features make this genealogy software clunky.