The Master Genealogist (TMG) is tailor-made genealogy software for professional researchers and academic projects because it allows you to create a variety of complex and simple graphics to display your family research. With this software, you can generate an ahnentafel and complex charts like kinship reports, relationship charts and fan charts. Pros and beginners can generate a list of citations, events names, people, places, repositories sources, tag types, tasks and witnesses for their research. You can check sources, tags, places, events and styles through the master lists. To keep track, TMG numbers sources, making it easy to use the same source multiple times.

Genealogy software is best for organizing data entry and citations, but The Master Genealogist connects to web-based data from places like, Family Search and Google, so you can continue your research online. With such quick access to giant genealogical databases, organizing your findings can be a challenge. The To Do list is a handy tool within this program that lets you assign yourself tasks to complete based on your research. Whether you're planning a research trip or looking for specific information nearby, this feature helps remind you of the most important tasks you need to accomplish.

You can add multiple individuals simultaneously through a spreadsheet mode. This is a great tool for adding multiple siblings or extended family at once. The tagging feature is a smart method to organize different types of information and roles of people at events. For example, when you tag John Smith as the groom in the union between Betsy Johnson and John Smith in 1923, John and Betsy will appear under the marriage tag.

Thankfully, this software isn't made for just the experts. Beginner and advanced preferences are available, but the terminology may be best for those with experience. The Cue Card feature tells you what each tool does before you start working with it. We like that the designers of TMG keep beginners in mind, but we think you'll get the most from this program if you have a background in genealogy and research.

The more you learn about your family, the more you'll want to share. There are many popular ways to share your family history with other relatives and genealogy enthusiasts. TMG can help you create a book, a webpage, a table of contents, footnotes, multiple indexes and a bibliography. To supplement your research, you can add images, sounds, movies and other multimedia. You can also link media to people, events, sources, repositories and multimedia slideshows and share your family's history. With this version of TMG, you can embed photographs and create footnotes and bibliographies. When you're ready to publish, The Master Genealogist provides an array of editing tools. The screen preview lets you toggle between draft and print models. You can also, search for text as well as mark and copy text in draft mode.

The Master Genealogist Summary:

The Master Genealogist was created with professional researchers in mind. With an array of source and organization tools, it's easy to keep your work tidy. This genealogy software can generate a number of different charts and graphs to display links between your ancestors and their descendants. Beginners may find this software intimidating at first, but The Master Genealogist features custom preferences for beginners and plenty of helpful dialogue boxes to guide you while organizing your family research.


The Master Genealogist 8.0

The Master Genealogist is packed with source and citing features for publishing bibliographies, tables of contents and other documentation.

The terminology and depth in this program may be intimidating for beginners.

The Verdict
: 9.1/10

This is a great product for academic or professional research and documentation. Though beginners can learn from TMG, it may be overwhelming if you're not familiar with genealogy.